February 13, 2012
Heading north and the Devil’s Arse

On Saturday we drove to the Peak District on the way to Manchester. We went to a cave system called Peak Cavern (where the second largest cavern in the world is located, called Titan, but which you can only reach if you are a hardcore caver. We are not hardcore cavers). There we saw a particular feature called the Devil’s Arse.

You get to walk through a pretty village called Castletown on the way to the Devil’s Arse.

We entered the cave as a tour had already just started. For about ten minutes we were completely baffled by a demonstration about rope making. Chris asked at the end of the presentation why it was relevant, and it turns out that is what the caves were used for over time. A woman in attendance helped with the ropemaking demo and insisted on keeping the rope.

The tour guide had a dog that was completely besotted with a boulder. The dog was called wassock and she ran up cliffs and stood on boulders to provide example. The rest of the group on the tour seemed to be europeans and they did not see that this was funny.

The Devil’s Arse was so called because of an an underground river in the cave system and where the river goes down into the rock it swirls round and occasionally makes an incredible farting noise which can be heard in the valley below. In the dim and distant past the local inhabitants would ascribe this noise to the devil having a good fart in the cave.

The caves were a big tourist attraction in the nineteenth century and this is allegedly Byron’s signature. When we left the cave it started snowing like mad and by the time we got to Manchester there was several inches of snow in the city, which was eerily quiet.

This was an antique shop in the village. A notice explained that if you chose not to buy anything you would still get a Max Bygraves LP for free. The owner called claire a tart. We left.

February 13, 2012
Brighton 3/2/2012

The show was a the Green Door Store in Brighton. We got caught in tailbacks and spent most of the day in the van.

As a result I don’t have any pictures of the show.

But it went well, despite it being a little chaotic. James Tranmer did an excellent job with sound as he knows all our foibles. After the show we ate some couscous.

Rich reacts in horror that it isn’t mini eggs.

It was a weird start.

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