February 13, 2012
Holy Island and then Glasgow 10/02/2012

We decided to make the short drive to Holy Island to see Lindisfarne. We had checked and double checked the tide times and were confronted by a barrage of scary photos on our way to the causeway.

We successfully made it to the island and were confronted with some of the coldest weather and definitely the starkest landscape of our tour.

We went for a quick walk but the cold wind bit too hard so we retreated to the safety of a pub where we agonised about getting back over the causeway. So we had a five minute sprint around the meadery (drinking mead in the back of the van being a new pastime from hereon in) and then bundled back in the van. We did actually have to drive through quite a lot of sea to get back to the mainland.

Glasgow was warm, the venue (Nice n Sleazys) was awesome and Chris and Dave ate haggis. We went for a walk and bought cream buns and then saw that there had been a siege in the city centre as a man had holed himself up in an italian restaurant with a bomb. We watched a police press conference on the street and then back to the show. Everyone seemed surprisingly unbothered. Here is Chris working on the setlist:

The promoter Fielding (Cry Parrot)

We had to load out in a matter of minutes of finishing the show as some DJ night was starting. This happened at several nights on the tour, and there was never anyone there to see said DJs. Chris managed to run over two rats and disturb a couple having sex in the alley behind the venue while fetching the van.