February 13, 2012
Cambridge 12/2/2012

We spent the night at Lloyd and Anna’s, where we tried to recreate our band cocktails from Drinkify. The Gentle Friendly cocktail requires 6 ounces of marijuana per serving so could not be replicated. The next day, we hung out in an Arts and Crafts Weatherspoons, where the phrase “The condiments are under the tapestries” was actually employed. After mooching around a bit we explored an abandoned childrens’ TB hospital on the outskirts of Birmingham.

We then went to Cambridge where we played the last night of our tour at the Portland Arms. We were fired up by very hot chilli.

Things got a bit wild.

Then we did some obligatory end of tour photos!

Thank you to all the promoters that put us on, the friends that put us up, and all of you that came out to see us. We had the best time!